I’ve known Rob for over a decade. I have worked with him in several capacities. As a father of my students, he always emphasized and prioritized the needs of his kids over his own preferences. He is a strong advocate for his children, and works hard to create the most successful learning environment for them. As a friend, Rob has always been supportive of my own live and work. I know that I can call on him for help and good advice. He’s a good listener, and has a strong supportive shoulder to lean on. As a musician, I have worked with Rob for many years as well. He is always professional, punctual, and generous. Not only does he follow direction extremely well, he also initiates ideas. He is a very talented musician. Most importantly, in all aspects of our relationship, Rob is a gifted improviser. The ability to adjust and modify your ideas, plans, or direction is invaluable. Rob excels at this skill, in each of his roles. I’m grateful to have opportunities to work with him. I’m even more grateful to call him my friend.


touchtheskyyoga.comGreat job to everyone!!

Amanda Hugerman


touchtheskyyoga.comMy wife and I rank your Vincent John Doe production, which we saw on Monday, among the shining lights of all events we have seen in a dozen years of Spoletto and Piccolo events! The acting space, the live music to accompany live performances, and your ability to create credible art work in the fly were elements that once again reinforce: there is NOTHING to compare to live theater. We are left to contemplate, did Vincent get it better this time on his return to his age – did he now have some experiences to aid him in combating the suicidal demons which overtook him in his first life? My wife and I like to believe that he did, and that he was able to live longer, create more, and even stumble on an artistic mentor/sponsor like the relationship between Degas and Gauguin. You are unique in that you have the artist’s hand and with prior experiences the playwright’s ability to pull this off. It was a triumph of imagination and performance. Loved the creating of art and music live. This is true theater and creative fun. We put our names in the drawing for one of the spontaneous pictures you created while performing, so who knows, maybe we will have even more to remember that production than the program and our vivid memories. Thanks from my wife Lezlie and I for the play and its marvelous performance. Your physical resemblance to the artist only made the play better! We have seen Van Gogh originals in museums including those at Amsterdam. My wife and I also have been to St. Remy in France where he went for some recuperation and I have marvelous shots of a work he painted at the sanatorium, next to a photo I made of those same trees and mountains today. We will now have to see your gallery to see what you can produce when you have time to paint without the clock of dialog to work within. As I said when we briefly shook hands at the Monday performance, “What fun!”


Very Nice! Incorporates all forms of art! Very Unique!

Kendra Woods


And the actual paintings from the actor.


We will tune in on The Today Show on Thursday and can not wait till the day. Wow! How exciting for you and my hope is that the world finds out about your wonderful gift. We treasure every one of our portraits and today it’s the one thing we would stand heartbroken if we had a fire. So David took out a new insurance plan to replace the one we had.


I love showing the portraits off. Everyone thinks they are amazing. It’s funny most people think that Bennett’s is right on and Audrey’s is okay. But then there are others that think the exact opposite. Everyone has an opinion. All that matters is that I LOVE THEM, you have captured my babies on canvas and I am so grateful. They are framed and look great.


Rob, a formal ‘thank you’ for the fine job you did on my portrait. It was quite obvious that there were many, many other issues going on in my life at the time. I didn’t fully appreciate the artistry of your efforts…not only in painting skills, but the ability to shed pounds as well! I have received numerous compliments. You know full well that it would not have come to fruition without the perseverance of E Ray and you. Robert O’Leary


Russell and I would like to thank you for the portrait you did of me. I know that I will never have anything like it ever again. It’s very special to us and we so appreciate all of the hard works that you put into it. God Bless, Good Health, Jen Bartolotas


Thank you for the wonderful painting that graces our hearth. Roman Madgidenko


Kay’s beautiful portrait sure served a timely purpose! It’s presence at her funeral was really special. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to walk by it in our hallway several times a day. Loving regards, Bill Ward


I’ve never experienced anything like it! Painting and music during the play as part of the action was wonderful! Such talent is very impressive! It was a great interpretation and revival of Van Gogh and his art and philosophy! I admire his art and story as a fan. I loved the performance.